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WC-Co alloy production process characteristics

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Preparation of WC-Co alloy is not very difficult, but access to quality products is not easy. To obtain high-quality WC-Co alloy, we must strictly control the three points:

1, control the carbon content of the alloy

    Among the existing types of cemented carbide, the structure and properties of the WC-Co alloy are most sensitive to the amount of carbon, especially the low-cobalt fine-grained alloy is all the more prominent. Therefore, in addition to strictly control the carbon content of tungsten carbide, the entire production process must also be out of the steady state, any arbitrary changes are not allowed, so as to ensure the stability of the final alloy carbon content, which makes it possible Get quality products.

 2, control the organizational structure of the alloy

    Due to the strict control of the carbon content, the third phase or only a trace amount of graphite is not present in the alloy, the grain size of the tungsten carbide phase and the uniformity of the distribution must also be satisfied. This requires the original tungsten carbide powder particle size range should be narrow, good uniformity, and the cobalt phase after ball milling evenly distributed, so as to get uniform texture, grain size to meet the requirements of the alloy. In order to produce fine-grained alloy of fine particles and further make tungsten carbide into fine tungsten carbide powder, it must be complemented by intensive ball milling to further break the tungsten carbide. In order to prevent excessive growth of tungsten carbide grains during sintering, it is beneficial to add a small amount of TaC, NbC or Cr3C2. In addition, vacuum sintering may also be employed to facilitate obtaining a fine-grained alloy.

  3, strictly control the process parameters of the production process

    Modern cemented carbide plant not only requires a high level of technology, but also must have a scientific management ability. Any process parameters of the abnormal fluctuations will affect the quality of the alloy.

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