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Discussion on the Development Trend of Vacuum Sintering in Zhuzhou City GuYu Cemented Carbide

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Vacuum sintering trends

1, H2 gas dewaxing combined

      Although vacuum dewaxing is feasible, there are some disadvantages.

    (1) Paraffin wax easily deposited in other parts of the furnace. For this reason, it is necessary to keep the inner surfaces of the vacuum chamber, the water chamber and the like above 62 ° C so as to prevent the paraffin from coagulating and to install the paraffin trap.

    (2) It is difficult to obtain the uniform low temperature required for dewaxing due to the lack of convection-to-heat factor under vacuum.

    (3) Some products are often saturated with partially saturated waxes caused by other products.


2, using low-pressure sintering

    The loss of cobalt volatilization during vacuum sintering is rather serious, and the sintering can be as high as 4% under high vacuum, which is not conducive to controlling the composition and properties of the alloy. However, high vacuum sintering is also conducive to the reduction of oxides and the removal of gases and impurities. In order to solve this contradiction, you can use the so-called low-pressure sintering method, the specific method is:

    (1) High vacuum is used in the range of 1050 ~ 1200 ℃. When the reaction is complete and the gas is charged and removed, inert gas such as Ar and He is filled in the furnace to increase the pressure to 0.25-100 mmHg. To the maximum temperature for sintering.

    (2) Turn off the vacuum system at the end of sintering to make the pressure rise.

    (3) Use hydrogen to hold in the final sintering stage.

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