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Carbide sintering process

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Ø Heating rate - before 1200 ℃ should be slowly warming

   Butadiene rubber at about 300 ℃ began to crack, to half an hour at 600 ℃ insulation to complete cracking,

   Paraffin to 400 ℃ above to completely vaporize,

    Production generally rely on the regulation of pushing the boat speed and preheating temperature to get the right rate of heating.

ØSintering temperature

     The sintering temperature mainly depends on the amount of liquid phase during sintering. WC particle size and other factors, the liquid phase more, the sintering temperature can be lower, the general YG alloy sintering temperature in the range of 1380 ~ 1490 ℃, TY alloy sintering temperature higher than the YG alloy, and vacuum sintering than hydrogen Low sintering 50 ~ 100 ℃. In addition, the addition of TaC, NbC allows the sintering temperature has greater volatility.

ØInsulation time

      Holding time (ie, sintering time) is mainly determined by the alloy grade and sintering temperature. However, sintering at too low temperature for a long time not only makes the tungsten carbide grains coarser and the strength of the alloy decreases, but also reduces the productivity of the equipment. Likewise, sintering at an excessively high temperature for a short time is not good, Because of this temperature, a slight fluctuation of time will seriously affect the quality of the alloy

ØSintering protection atmosphere

    Promote reduction of the oxide film on the powder surface and accelerate the sintering process;

    Will be released when the sintering gas and volatile in a timely manner without leaving pollution products;

    Prevent individual components (such as carbon, etc.) are burned.

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