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Carbide in the actual production process of various alloys sintering process

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1, WC + Wo + C sintering characteristics of the mixture
1. The WC + γ + C ternary eutectic solution appears at 1280 ~ 1300 ℃, Co-C binary eutectic solution also appears at 1320 ℃. Therefore, compared with the WC + Co system, the temperature of the liquid phase in the mixture is lower, and when the cobalt amount is the same, the liquid phase amount is more. In addition, the liquid phase component is more complicated.
l2. When the free carbon content in the system is sufficiently high, ternary eutectic WC + γ + C may occur during cooling, causing graphite to appear in the final alloy. However, when the amount of carbon is too small, the co-existence is still WC + γ two-phase structure.
2, WC + Wo + W2C mixture of sintering characteristics
l1. When the mixture is carbon-free, the η phase is formed at low temperatures.
l2. Because WC + γ + η ternary eutectic temperature is higher (1370 ℃), under the conditions of equilibrium, the sintered body appears higher temperature liquid phase. Under unbalanced conditions, WC + γ binary eutectic liquid phase may appear.
l3. A considerable portion of cobalt forms the η phase, so that the amount of liquid phase in the sintered body is relatively reduced. When W2C content is higher, it is possible to obtain WC + γ + η three-phase alloy.
3, WC + Co + W2C + C sintering characteristics of the mixture
l1. Compositions commonly found in production, especially when using synthetic rubber as a forming agent. The sintering process of this mixture is accompanied by some solid-phase chemical reactions that complicate the process.
l2. At low temperature before the formation of η phase. When the amount of carbon is sufficient, the η phase disappears due to carburization. W2C can also be added carbonized into WC. The resulting γ + η + C ternary eutectic (1250 ~ 1270 ℃) may also disappear.
l3. The obtained alloy is WC + two-phase structure. When the carbon excess, can be seen as WC + Co + C sintering. When carbon is absent, it can be regarded as WC + Co + η sintering.
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