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Carbide variety of classification

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The purchase of cemented carbide, according to the cemented carbide work for the purchase of the appropriate material alloy

1. WC-Co (tungsten diamond) alloy:

      Made of tungsten carbide and cobalt. Other carbides (tantalum carbide, niobium carbide, vanadium carbide, etc.) are sometimes added as additives to cutting tools (sometimes also in extension dies) to below 2%.

       High cobalt: 20-30%, Medium cobalt: 10-15%, Low cobalt: 3-8%

2, WC-TiC-Co (tungsten iron cobalt) alloy

          Low titanium alloy: 4-6% TiC, 9-15% Co,

          Chin alloy: 10-20% TiC, 6-8% Co,

          High titanium alloy: 25-40% TiC, 4-6% Co

3, WC-TiC-TaC (NbC) -Co alloy

      WC-TiC-Co alloy has better high temperature oxidation resistance, but also has good thermal shock resistance, and therefore often have a higher tool life.

      TiC: 5 to 15%, TaC (NbC): 2 to 10%, Co5 to 15%, remainder WC.

4. Steel Carbide

       By the tungsten carbide or titanium carbide and carbon steel or alloy steel composition

5. Titanium carbide-based alloy

    Carbon by the titanium, nickel metal and metal molybdenum or molybdenum carbide (Mo2C) composition. The total nickel and molybdenum content is usually 20-30%.

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