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CVD coating development

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(1) Development of heavy duty and milling alloy coating
    At present, the use of coated blades in milling conditions is not very good, the main reason is the resistance to mechanical vibration and thermal shock resistance is poor. If you can overcome this shortcoming, coated blades will be more widely used.
(2) Development of low temperature CVD and medium temperature CVD
    The general CVD method and more in the high temperature of about 1000 ℃, easy to generate η phase and damage the matrix toughness. The low-temperature CVD is generally carried out below 650 ℃, to avoid the coating caused by high temperature tensile stress and coating and substrate interface phase formation.
    Medium temperature CVD is generally carried out at 700 ° C ~ 900 ° C, with acetonitrile as a carbonaceous gas feedstock to deposit a Ti (C, H) coating.
    Due to the low deposition temperature of this method, the coating grows rapidly and the deposition time is short, so the phase is greatly reduced. The blade has good toughness, good impact resistance and no abrasion resistance than the high temperature CVD coating.
(3) Develop composite and solid solution coatings
     Early monolithic TiC or TiN coatings were only developed, but TiC / TiN or even triple coatings, such as composite coatings consisting of TiC (or Ti (C, N) and A12O3) The composite coating can meet the requirements of anti-abrasion performance and bonding ability with different substrates respectively, so that it can achieve much better performance than the single coating.
(4) Development of oxide coatings
      Oxide coating commonly used in ceramic tools often used but there are easy to collapse and damage the occasion, the tool life can be 3-4 times longer than the ceramic.
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