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China's carbide tool gradually mature demand stability

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Carbide CNC tool is used in machining machinery for cutting tools, after years of development, China's CNC tool industry gradually maturing. If China's machine tool to healthy and sustainable development, it is necessary to change the mode of development, improve the manufacturing level, towards the level of high value-added, green manufacturing.

After years of development, China's CNC tool industry gradually matures, not only rich in variety and complete specifications, which greatly meet the market demand for mold manufacturing. Due to the economic downturn, many business owners are trying to save costs and increase productivity. CNC tool types, specifications, the number of large, more common in the market, there are milling cutter, boring knife, reamer, drill, lathe and broach. They are widely used in high-hardness, high-strength cutting industry, such as precision machining technology, automotive, energy, motorcycle industry, automotive and electronic information technology industries.

The economic situation of the environment is grim, to our country cemented carbide numerical control tool industry somewhat influence, but the enterprise demand is still stable. However, more and more enterprises put forward more stringent requirements on the accuracy of CNC tools. In fact, customers choose tools, in addition to the importance of whether to complete the processing quality, but also pay more attention to how to reduce the cost of the workpiece and achieve higher product profits. Cutting tool business sense of service to the workpiece from the tool itself the entire value chain, to minimize the cost of production-based customers. For customers, the first choice when buying CNC tools is the quality, then the price, so the CNC tool industry to do better in versatility, stability and accuracy.

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