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Super-hard abrasive high-precision, high-efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized

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Abrasives industry is a basic industry, but in machining always occupy an extremely important position. As far as abrasives are concerned, there are three aspects of improvement and breakthroughs which are of great significance.

First, the improvement of the physical structure of the grinding wheel, such as increasing the number of abrasive particles acting on the workpiece per unit time, increasing the average grinding length and increasing the grinding contact surface all change the grinding amount per unit time and are effective Improve efficiency;

Second, the application of superhard abrasive, mainly refers to the metal powder, metal oxide or CBN and other super-hard material as a filler to resin, ceramic or metal binder made of abrasive applications. At present, the high-precision, high-efficiency grinding effect brought by the superhard abrasive has been widely recognized.

Third, the emergence of new abrasive tools, such as micron-level multi-crystalline ceramic ceramic abrasive, with fine diamond abrasive spherical shell abrasive, super-precision polishing with polyester film tape. The characteristics of these new abrasive abrasives, the advantages of grinding in the most vividly demonstrated.

Throughout the grinding field of development, the future of grinding will abrasive abrasives put forward higher requirements, judging from the current status quo, super-hard products just to meet these new grinding needs. Such as CBN abrasive has good thermal stability, high hardness, good wear resistance and other characteristics, so the abrasive in the grinding process of high linear speed, high grinding efficiency, abrasive life is also high, especially suitable for processing high-speed steel , Bearing steel, stainless steel, chilled cast iron and other ferrous materials. In addition, to meet the various needs of the ceramic bonded grinding wheel, the air hole high-speed grinding wheel and the different processing of different abrasive wheel, diamond saw blade, etc. will be as the technology advances and expand the scope of application, as grinding products.

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