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Modern tool design tends to refinement, specialization, intelligence, flexibility

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The structure of the tool includes the external shape of the tool itself and each functional part, the clamping method, the geometric angle of the cutting edge area and the truncation. "1.121 At present, the tool design is still dominated by the dominant design concept oriented to the cutting performance of the tool. Design two aspects of the pursuit of cutting efficiency, the life of the tool and the final workpiece processing quality of the optimal combination.

Tool geometry design mainly for the blade strength, tool chip, chip breaking, tool reliability, safety and other basic tool geometry, tool design is the main breakthrough. In the future, variable helix angle design, variable pitch design and anti-vibration edge design technology that can reduce the cutting vibration appear in the structure, while the edge passivation technology and negative chamfer design technology can be significant Improve the edge strength, and with the breakthrough in the field of micro and nano manufacturing research and gradually form industrial technology. High-speed steel end mill with wave blade design, cutting edge with variable rake angle, relief angle and helix angle, with excellent chip breaking, chip removal performance, especially for plastic processing, chip breaking difficult materials such as titanium alloy .

At present, the design of cutting tools is mainly based on the improvement of the properties of cutting tools, and it gradually starts to develop towards the physical design of cutting tools according to the specific processing conditions and workpiece materials. Figure 4 shows the unit to the business design of a composite step drill, the company's production line before the process is to drill and then expand, the need for two drill bits, the use of composite step after drilling can be a forming, a substantial reduction in tool change Time and processing time, but also to avoid the machining error caused by tool change. In addition, we can also develop more strength and reliability of multi-function milling cutter disc, by replacing the milling cutter to meet the needs of different conditions to meet the needs of intelligent and automated development.

The development of modern tool technology should meet the requirements of tool performance and green and low consumption at the same time. The geometrical design and physical design of the tool tend to be refined, specialized, intelligent and flexible. In ensuring the performance of the premise, conducive to the realization of tool recycling and design and forming technology will receive attention. In addition, for the aerospace, power generation equipment, molds and other high-end manufacturing needs of the industry, the development of innovative multi-function surface cutter, all kinds of ball end mills, modular end mill systems, milling cutter, milling cutter, etc. Structural technology is also strategic.

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