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Fracture Analysis of Cemented Carbide Insert during Intermittent Cutting

Article Source:Author:Views:issuing time:2016/12/9 11:48:46

Carbide cutting tools in the cutting process (especially in intermittent cutting) Cracks caused by the crack has always been troubling people's processing problems Correct understanding of the causes of cracks and take appropriate precautions is to improve tool life and cutting performance key. Related research literature pointed out that cutting at higher cutting speeds, the tool easy to produce hot cracks, and edge edge chipping phenomenon will increase. Through the cutting test, the mechanism of the crack in the cemented carbide tool during intermittent cutting is analyzed. It is found that in the heating phase of the cutting cycle, the compressive thermal stress can cause the local plastic deformation of the blade along the narrow rake face of the cutting edge Then, when the narrow zone was forcibly cooled under the influence of external elastic material, tensile stress sufficient to cause visible cracks was generated, which verified that the thermal stress was the main reason for the crack of the cemented carbide tool.

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