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Tool grinding must not ignore the problem

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Cutting tool in the tool common materials are: high-speed steel, powder metallurgy high-speed steel, carbide and PCD, CBN, metal ceramic superhard materials. High-speed steel cutting tools, toughness, carbide cutting tool hardness but poor toughness. The density of carbide cutting tools is significantly higher than the high-speed steel cutting tools. These two materials are the main material for drill bits, reamers, milling cutters and taps. Powder metallurgy high speed steel performance between the above two materials, mainly for the manufacture of rough cutters and taps.

High-speed steel cutting tool due to good material toughness, it is not sensitive to the collision. However, high hardness and toughness of carbide cutting tools, very sensitive to the collision, edge easy to jump. Therefore, in the grinding process, carbide tools must be placed on the operation and take great care to prevent the collision between tools or tools fall.

As the high-speed steel cutting tools are mostly relatively low precision, grinding requirements are not high, coupled with its price is not high, so many factories set up their own tool shop grinding. However, carbide cutting tools often need to be sent to a professional grinding center grinding. According to the statistics of some domestic tool sharpening centers, more than 80% of the repairing tools are cemented carbide tools.

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