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Carbide sintering process[2014-02-12]
Ø Heating rate - before 1200 ℃ should be slowly warming    Butadiene rubber at about 300 ℃ began to crack, to half an hour at 600 ℃ insulation to complete cracking,    Par
Discussion on the Vacuum Sintering Process of Zhuyu Gu Yu Cemented Carbide[2014-02-12]
Vacuum sintering refers to sintering at a certain degree of vacuum (10-1-10-2 mmHg), which has the following advantages over sintering under hydrogen, nitrogen and other protective atmosphere: 1, can
Discussion on the Development Trend of Vacuum Sintering in Zhuzhou City GuYu Cemented Carbide[2014-02-12]
Vacuum sintering trends 1, H2 gas dewaxing combined       Although vacuum dewaxing is feasible, there are some disadvantages.     (1) Paraffin wax easily deposited in other
WC-Co alloy production process characteristics[2014-02-12]
Preparation of WC-Co alloy is not very difficult, but access to quality products is not easy. To obtain high-quality WC-Co alloy, we must strictly control the three points: 1, control the carbon cont
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