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Tool grinding must not ignore the problem[2016-12-09]
Cutting tool in the tool common materials are: high-speed steel, powder metallurgy high-speed steel, carbide and PCD, CBN, metal ceramic superhard materials. High-speed steel cutting tools, toughness,
Fracture Analysis of Cemented Carbide Insert during Intermittent Cutting[2016-12-09]
Carbide cutting tools in the cutting process (especially in intermittent cutting) Cracks caused by the crack has always been troubling people's processing problems Correct understanding of the causes
Carbide how to detect?[2016-12-09]
Hardness testing of the main use of Rockwell hardness tester, test HRA hardness value. PHR series portable Rockwell hardness tester is suitable for testing the hardness of cemented carbide. Instrument
Tungsten steel magnetic, how to distinguish[2016-12-09]
Tungsten steel with magnetic, but also without magnetic or weak magnetic. Can be distinguished by powerful magnets. Classification of tungsten steel: ① tungsten cobalt carbide The main ingredients
Tungsten steel needle the latest processing technology[2016-12-09]
1, tungsten steel punching rod processing compared with the metal MC nylon hardness is low, does not damage the wear parts; 2. Low m c coefficient, providing its wide range of possible friction parts
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