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CVD coating development[2014-02-12]
(1) Development of heavy duty and milling alloy coating     At present, the use of coated blades in milling conditions is not very good, the main reason is the resistance to mechanica
Carbide variety of classification[2014-02-12]
The purchase of cemented carbide, according to the cemented carbide work for the purchase of the appropriate material alloy 1. WC-Co (tungsten diamond) alloy:       Made of tungsten c
Physical properties of YG alloy in cemented carbide[2014-02-12]
1, coercive force       As the cemented carbide binder phase is ferromagnetic material, so that the alloy has a certain magnetic, coercive force can be used to control the alloy
Carbide in the actual production process of various alloys sintering process[2014-02-12]
1, WC + Wo + C sintering characteristics of the mixture 1. The WC + γ + C ternary eutectic solution appears at 1280 ~ 1300 ℃, Co-C binary eutectic solution also appears at 1320 ℃. Therefore,
Carbide sintering process[2014-02-12]
Ø Heating rate - before 1200 ℃ should be slowly warming    Butadiene rubber at about 300 ℃ began to crack, to half an hour at 600 ℃ insulation to complete cracking,    Par
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